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The St.Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association (SMBSA) was formed by residents who feel we live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. We share a vision that (a) celebrates, protects and enhances our quality of life; (b) reflects community values; and (c) respects the natural environment .

As a charitable non-profit organization, the Association’s volunteer board and membership responds to challenges presented by change and population growth as well as encourages partnerships and programs to build a vibrant community. Recent projects include the public purchase and volunteer stewardship of Micou’s Island, revisions to local by-laws, asset mapping of St. Margaret's Bay, and hosting a number of public community forums focused on managing change as well as a variety of social community events.


 Current Issues and Items of Interest
SUCCESSFUL --- Buy Back the Mersey -- SUCCESSFUL (Now the St. Margarets Community Forest)

A broad-based alliance of organizations and individuals was formed around a single idea – ‘Buy Back the Mersey!’  
               And the news is good....  

New Development Rules DELAYED Again

September 2012 Update:   The SMB community initiative to establish Tantallon at the Crossroads as a coastal village has been stalled once again.  See here for details....


Five Bridges Wilderness

  After 10 years of hard work by a broad coalition of community groups and environmental organizations around the Route 333 loop, led by our sister organizations the Woodens River Watershed Environmental Organization, the Five Bridges Willderness Heritage Trust, and the Safety-minded ATV Club, the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association is thrilled to announce that at long last our persistence paid off!
At a gala launch at the St. Margaret’s Centre on October 25th, 2011, Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau and Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker made it official – the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness, at 8,600 hectares one of Canada’s largest urban parks, will be forever protected under the province’s Wilderness Areas Protection Act.  Rich habitat, amazing canoe routes, rivers, streams, trails including the magnificent world-renowned Bluff Trail, with major transecting routes for responsible OHV users – all are ours from Tantallon branching out into the wilds all the way down the Chebucto Peninsula almost to the Peggy’s Cove Preservation Area.  Use it.  Love it.  Steward it.  It’s ours to share.   Congratulations to all!

What's Happening in the Bay? Read the One Minute Bay

The One Minute Bay is a bi-weekly enewsletter to inform SMB Bay area residents of local events as well as the issues and concerns of  the SMB Stewardship Association.

To read the latest One Minute Bay, click on the following link:

 One Minute Bay


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