Troop Island


Troop Island was purchased through a joint fundraising campaign by the St. Margaret's Strewardship Association and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust through the unflagging work of Ella McQuinn and Bonnie Sutherland. There were donations from the Halifax Regional Municipality, Mountain Equipment

Co-op and  numerous generous private donors.


As those who have visited Troop Island well know,

Troop is a truly incredible and ecologically 

unique place. 


Wandering inland from the charming sand beach, you enter a new and unexpected world. Lush mossy ground gives way to a cathedral of towering centuries old American Beech, Yellow Birch, Sugar Maple and White

and Red  Spruce trees. The island is one of only a few remaining places in the entire province providing

refuge for Acadian hardwood forest. 


Further along the shore, you discover an

ecologically rich saltmarsh and pond, rocky

intertidal habitats rich in marine life, and coastal forests where you’ll likely hear a lively

chorus of songbirds or catch a glimpse

of the resident ospreys. 


Unlike so many of our coastal islands, nature has been mostly left unimpeded on Troop Island, offering a unique outdoor classroom and opportunity to understandand to study coastal dynamics 

and climate change.


It is a place well-known

and treasured by the local community.


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Watch Two Short Films about Troop Island



A Trip to Troop Island


Join naturalist Bob Guscott and the legendary

environmentalist Rudy Haase of Friends of the Earth

as they visit the old growth Acadian Forest

on Troop Island and explain its significance.





Kayaking to Troop Island


Guide Eben Fry of Sea Sun Coast Island Adventures takes us kayaking to Troop Island and explains its place in his family's history and why this unique island is such a treasure in St. Margarets Bay.

Hans Toom is a suberb photographer of  the birds, landscapes, wild flowers and plants of Nova Scotia. Visit his blog containing a prortfolio of photographs taken on a vist to Troop Island in June 2014. You might want to continue on and look at the beautiful work on the rest of his website.

Hans Toom - Troop Island Journal

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