The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association

was established as a charitable, non-profit volunteer association in 2003.  Inspired by the natural beauty of the Bay, our focus is to safeguard and enhance its unique quality of life. In that capacity we act as a spokesperson and facilitator for Bay residents on issues that range

from commercial development to environmental challenges and the reform of the HRM by-laws. We are

also involved in coastal stewardship and preservation along with celebrating the Bay's history and culture in festivals and gatherings.


The SMBSA has a  Board of Directors drawn from communities around the bay spanning from East Dover

to the Aspatagon Pennisula and a network of approximately 500 close supporters. Our members and supporters reach into many allied organizations and

fully participate in every aspect of Bay life.


Board decision making is by consensus based on community values. Those values are continually

assessed and refined by personal contacts, board involvement in various volunteer causes, formal surveys and a close scrutiny of the political and development process.


SMBSA is a leader in community advocacy. In spring of

2008, we hosted a public conference entitled

“Responding to Change.” Bay residents were invited to answer a questionnaire on change and to express their views on a broad number of social, environmental and political options. As a result, SMBSA authored a position paper that continues to be influential in shaping current attitudes toward change among three levels of government and developers operating in the Bay.


This gathering was followed up in the spring of 2009 with a visioning session focused on a village concept for the Crossroads around Tantallon. Over 100 people attended representing close to 35 organizations around the bay.  Our 2004 initiative on Asset Mapping was a first step in creating an inventory of environmental and social assets of 14 Bay communities. We were also a force in gathering other Bay associations such as the SMB Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Association to respond to the St. Margaret’s Square development in Tantallon Village.


  While we respond to all enquiries, the Association’s steering committee focuses on issues where we can make a contribution most in keeping with our limited resources. In 2007, for example, the SMBSA raised in excess of $1 million for the public purchase and ongoing management of Micou’s Island.. In 2008, a special Heart of the Bay Endowment Fund was established to maintain the Island’s historical cottage.  


In 2012 in partnership with HRM and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust raised $800,000 for the purchase of Troop Island. The Association sponsored the founding of Transition Bay St. Margarets. We were the start up and are partners with five community organizations for

the Bay Treasure Chest 50/50 Lottery


 The SMBSA supports development that is sustainable, environmentally sensitive, and respectful of community values. The Association approaches each development as unique and is committed to working with government and developers to ensure the acknowledgment of resident concerns and reach consensus.

Board of Directors


Nick Horne  (Chair)

Gerald Siebert (Vice Chair)

Allison Connors (Treasurer)

Helga Gurderley (Secretary)

Kellie Allen (Director)

John Himmelman (Science Advisor)

Sharon Jessup-Joyce (Communications)

Scott Pelton (Youth - Education)

Amy Johnson (Director)
Suzanne Sparks (Director)

Marsha Fanning (Director)

Ex Officio

Eileen Cody (Past Chair)
Geoff LeBouttiller (Past Chair)

Ella McQuinn (Past Chair)

Robert Ziegler (Past Chair)

Cathy Crouse (Past Chair)

Kent Martin

John Leon


To Read the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association in March 2017.    Click Here


Nick Horne - Chair