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St. Margaret’s Bay

Our New Economy Forum

ONE Forum - Charting Our Course in St. Margaret’s Bay 












The New Economy Forum  was held at the St. Margaret Sailing Club on Saturday, November 15, 2014.

It was a lively and impassioned event with particpation from Bay organizations including:  


St. Margaret’s Bay Chamber of Commerce

Hubbards and Area Business Association

St. Margaret’s Bay Tourism Association

St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association
Transition Bay St Margarets

St. Margaret’s Bay Seniors Association

Destination Bluenose Coast Association

Aspotogan Heritage Trust

St. Margaret Sailing Club

Five Bridges Wilderness Heritage Trust

St. Margaret’s Bay Rails to Trails Association


The time to act for building a new economy in the Bay is NOW – this is the lesson of the 2014

Ivany Report. Innovative ideas and approaches are needed to build resilience

into our local economy for the long-term. 


The one-day forum concentrated on ways to connect and collaborate across all community

stakeholders, consider bold new possibilities, and together chart a new course for

a vibrant new local economy. Among the many issues raised were senior citizen's housing,

tourism development, small business support, support for our youth, transportation,

fisheries, food production, forestry, new industries, and sustainability



A detailed report of the Forum



Watch a slideshow of the People at the Forum below



























































Many helpful observations and suggestions were brought forward at the St. Margaret’s

Bay Stewardship Association’s open house on October 20th.


Over two hundred keenly interested citizens attended at the Hubley Centre.

The evening ended with the rallying cry.


Buy Back the Mersey Again


The meeting focused on two main requirements: 

(1) tangible and transparent forest use plans;

and (2) meaningful public involvement in the development and management of these plans.


The meeting then considered 5 proposed ‘solutions’ – identifying what has to change to get 

back to the commitment to put the continuing health of the forest first, and to pursue

forest plans and use allocations on a collaborative basis.


These proposed solutions, or ‘principles in action’, have been re-cast following the open house

to try to capture key points raised in the discussion. The five recommendations are designed

to provide practical ways the government can better align the policies and practices of DNR Forestry

with the forest management principles and approaches set out in EGSPA

and the Natural Resources Strategy. 


A Letter was sent to the Premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil and his Minsiters by Cathy Crouse

of the Stewardship Association which included proposals for moving forward

with these issues of vital public concern;


To read the Letter to the Premier and Proposals. Click Here


An article by Bob Bancroft

Time to Clean House at Natural Resources


















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Partial Victory: Ingram River Clearcuts

Questions Remain


Thanks to Everyone who signed Petitions and wrote Letters


On Friday February 27th there were two announcements

from the Minister of Natural Resources


1.) The size of the clearcuts at the Ingram were cut back, and their impact reduced, FOR THE TIME BEING.

2.) The release of the Mersey Woodlands Advisory Committee's Report, the "Beanlands-Dagley Report,"

on last fall's contentious clearcut on Panuke Lake on environmentally sensitive lands.


 The report makes some excellent recommendations to DNR as to how they might improve

their management process.

Where you can find the report as well as the government's response to it.










Response to the Minister by SMBSA Past Chair - Cathy Crouse

Previous Letters sent to The Honourable Zach Churchill


John Himmelman    Helga Guderley    Cathy Crouse





On April 15, 2015 The Bay Treasure Chest completed its first full year of operations,and what a year it was!


  • Total Proceeds From Draws - $253,388 

  • Prizes paid out - $126,694 

  • Total Expenses - $12,437 

  • Float Retained - $100 

  • Net Paid to 5 Non-Profit Community Organizations - $114,157


Watch Slide Show of Bay Treasure Chest Organizations and Work


Watch a short video on You Tube showing how the counting and the

picking of winning number is done