Micou's Island

Micou's Island is a 22 acre tidal island 

located in the Glen Haven community near the eastern shore of St. Margarets Bay. The island is accessible by a sandbar at low tide and has become a popular beach during summer months.


Micou's Island got its name in the 1930s when the island was sold to an American family, the Micous. The Micous used the island as a summer vacation spot. In 2007 the island was purchased through a community fundraising campaign and is now being cared for jointly by Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association.


The island is also known as Big Indian Island, named together with Little Indian Island (a smaller tidal island next to Micou's) and Indian Point peninsula because of arrowheads that have been found there in the past, suggesting that this was once a Mi'kmaq summer camping ground.


Micou's has a carefully restored historic fisher cottage on it along with a beach, wetland and forest with trails. It has become a focal point for recreation and celebration of natural and cultural elements of the community, used frequently by hikers, kayakers, boaters and youth education groups such as local schools, the Sierra Club, GPI Youth and Katimavik.


 The Island is cared for by a group of Island Stewards organized by the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association. 



To become an Micou's Island Steward or for information about the cottage please contact Mike Lancaster 

at 441-7672 or: 


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For Times and Tides for low tide access to Micou"s Island. Anything over 1.0 m

you might get your feet wet.    


Google Maps for Directions to Micou's Island   



Mike Lancaster has written an excellent History and Guide to Micou's Island.



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