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The St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association is a leader in community advocacy. In spring of 2008, we hosted a

public conference entitled “Responding to Change.” Bay residents were invited to answer a questionnaire on

change and to express their views on a broad number of social, environmental and political options. As a result, SMBSA

authored a position paper that continues to be influential in shaping current attitudes towards change  among three levels of government and developers operating in the Bay.

current projects



This gathering was followed up in the spring of 2009 with a visioning session focused on a village concept for the Crossroads around Tantallon. Over 100 people attended representing close to 35 organizations around the bay. Both reports can be found on our website. Our 2004 initiative on Asset Mapping was a first step in creating an inventory of environmental and social assets of fourteen Bay communities. We were also a force in gathering other Bay associations such as the SMB Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Association to respond to the St. Margaret’s Square development in Tantallon Village.


Our current priorities include the monitoring and reporting on issues around Water Resources in the Bay watershed, the community management of the former Bowater Mersey forest lands, coastal development and access, and a continuing interest

in sustainable Devlopment and HRM by laws. 


Coastal Access

Public coastal access is about people’s ability to view, reach, and move along the shoreline of both the mainland and nearby islands. This is very much an issue of public concern in St. Margaret's Bay as it is elsewhere in Nova Scotia. What are the Laws ? Where can you go ? What can you do there ?


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Water Resources

Good, clean, and abundant water is essential for people and for the environment to survive. It is also critical for many of the activities that help communities and ecosystems to thrive. We must take action today to ensure that we continue to enjoy the benefits of our water in the future. We value water for our health, both physically and emotionally. We know we need water to survive.   


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Community Forest

The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association with the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association and a growing group Margaret's sympathetic NGOs are working hard to establish a St. Margaret's Community Forest on the 90,000A former Bowater-Mersey St. Margaret’s District.


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For the last six years, the Stewardship Association, the Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Association have consulted the community about what kind of place we want the Tantallon Crossroads to be and indeed how any development around the Bay should be managed.


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Coastal Development

Most of St. Margaret’s Bay is zoned “Mixed Use” and is governed by “as of right” rules.  A land owner can put up pretty much anything anywhere. On both the HRM side, and on the Lunenburg County side, development on the Bay is "managed" by a complex array of over 14 disconnected regulatory authorities. There is no plan in place to guide coastal development so that it is sustainable and reflects the collective vision of the people of the Bay.


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