The St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association has been sucessful in campaigns to purchase

two islands in the Bay which were slated for development. First was Micou's Island and then Troop Island.

The work of many people and organizations made this possible, including generous private donations,

the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, the Nova Scotia Government and the Halifax Regional Municipality.


It is our responsibility to properly steward these islands.


 The Nova Scotia Government has placed under protection all the remaing undeveloped islands

in St. Margaret's Bay so we do not anticpate any future campaigns.


On these pages learn about Micou's Island and Troop Island and appreciate what a

wonderful legacy these unique places are for the present and future generations. 

Map of the Islands of St. Margaret's Bay. To go to this interactive map which contains pictures and descriptions of each island -

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Eyes on Islands The “Eyes on Islands – St. Margaret’s Bay Island Community Stewardship Program” is a network of volunteers who monitor, steward, observe, and report on the community usage, wildlife observations, and other noteworthy aspects of the islands of St. Margaret’s Bay.

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Micou's Island is a 22-acre tidal island. In 2007 the island was bought by the province combined with generous donations from citizens and is now being cared for jointly by Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association. To learn more click here

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Troop Island In late 2012 The St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust were able to raise the $820,000 needed to purchase Troop Island, an 11-hectare wilderness in St. Margarets Bay.

Troop has been called, "the crown jewel of islands around the bay," 

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