Eyes On Islands 

St. Margaret’s Bay Island Community Stewardship Program

The “Eyes on Islands – St. Margaret’s Bay Island Community Stewardship Program”

is a network of volunteers who monitor, steward, observe, and report on the community usage, wildlife observations,

and other noteworthy aspects of the islands of St. Margaret’s Bay.

This program directs and focuses community efforts to look after the natural treasure that is

St. Margaret’s Bay and its islands.

If you’re on the water and see something worth noting, let us know!

If you would like to be involved with the “Eyes on Islands” program

please get in touch with Mike Lancaster – Stewardship Coordinator


 by phone: 902-441-7672   or  by email: mikeus_lancaster@hotmail.com


Program Goals:

1. To bolster shared community and ecological values in regards to the human usage of the

islands of St. Margaret’s Bay

2. To allow the islands of St. Margaret’s Bay to continue to be used by the public in a safe,

community-conscious, and ecologically sensitive manner


3. To promote education and awareness of applicable laws and best practice environmental

recreation upon the islands of St. Margaret’s Bay

4. To observe and monitor wildlife diversity of the St. Margaret’s Bay area

5. To provide the St. Margaret’s Bay community with an organized structure within which to

promote the shared use and multiple values of our islands


Report Methodology:

Reports shall be submitted

(1) electronically using an email template provided to Island Stewards,

and (2) via phone calls to the Program Coordinator.


Key observational information in each report includes the time and date, location, flora and fauna

sightings and community use and activities.



Island Stewards/Volunteers:


The program depends on an established network of volunteer “Island Stewards” to perform the observational reporting and community advisement within the guidelines set by the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association.


Island Stewards are members of the community who possess a strong sense of community ownership and values with regard to the diverse usage and ecology of the islands of St. Margaret’s Bay.

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