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For the last six years, the Stewardship Association, the Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Association have consulted the community about what kind of place we want the Tantallon Crossroads to be and indeed how any development around the Bay should be managed.


The First forum (2008) said, in essence, no more big-box store development. The Second said we want a coastal village, access to water, an architectural style consistent with historical examples or a modern echo thereof, sustainable building principles, links to active transportation, and a town centre/gathering place.



















The Third Forum resulted in a draft by-law amendment now being processed by HRM staff and legal departments. This amendment –which was also vetted with community  – specifies that mixed use buildings and senoirs housing should encouraged - the theory being that apartments help create community.


Also suggested was that buildings can be no more than 20 feet from the roadside to encourage pedestrian traffic on sidewalks, that parking lots be minimized and put behind any buidlings that aesthetic and storm-water management concerns be fully recognized, and that concerns about "green" architectural standards, light pollution, signage, and sustainability be addressed.
















John Leon of the Stewardship Association who has worked long and hard on these issues has written a report of the process and frustrations over the past years. 


Status Report: Tantallon at the Crossroads



Submission to the Public Hearing

July 22/14