Coastal Access - Head of St. Margaret's Bay

      The Bay Lookout Park and Wharf


The Bay Lookout Park and Warf, located in Boutilier's Point, is a seven-acre waterfront park maintained by HRM. It is a popular spot for saltwater fishermen. The park includes a public wharf which is wheelchair accessible and a slipway for boat launches and is adjacent to a saltwater marsh - home to many varieties of waterfowl. The shoreside grounds provide beach access and informal parklands.


Washroom facilities and picnic tables are available during the summer months. 

Boutiliers Point Road


Drive towards the ocean on Boutiliers Point Road and

as one nears the water the road veers to the

left along the water.

This is a public road and the intertidal zone is next to it - thus is public access.


Most of the cove is rocky with rock weed, but on one side there is a sediment bottom.  This would be a place where a kayak or wind surfer could be launched, and perhaps for swimming.  No Facilities

    Black Point Beach


Although not as sandy as some of our other beaches, the Black Point Beach on Highway 3 is a popular spot for snorkeling. Snorkeling from this beach, one can discover a whole array of marine life, from lobsters and crabs to eels and various kinds of rock fish. At low tide, the beach is also a pleasant place for swimming or to launch a kayak.  No Facilities



   Puddle Beach


For a tiny little beach, Puddle Beach also in Black Point has a lot of admirers. A tiny little strip of sand, maybe 100 feet in length, this well-protected beach is a safe place for kids. The water swishes back and forth from the sea into a stream that comes from a small freshwater body of water across Highway 3, known as "The Puddle." This popular little spot in Black Point is a great connection point to the St. Margaret's Bay Trail, where you can hike or bike. Within a short bike ride, you can easily access three or four beaches in the area in a short period of time.  No Facilities

        Kennedy Road

From Highway #3 take Kennedy Road towards the water.  At the end of the road a dirt road continues to a sandy beach.  The beach is in the intertidal zone and is thus public.  The access to the beach is also public. This was established when people in the community used this access point to bring in harvests of eel grass to the shore.  The cottage to the left is private, but the gravel road to the beach is public.

Great place for swimming or sitting on the beach, also for a kayak or wind surfer.  No Facilities