Anne Martell of the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association and founder of the Bay Treasure Chest presents a cheque to Debi Platt

the first winner of the first draw  on April 16, 2014. 


The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association

founded a community fundraiser licensed with the Nova Scotia Gaming Commisssion

now known as

The Bay Treasure Chest Association


a partnership with:



The Bay Treasure Chest Association is a fundraising partnership made up of eight non-profit community groups, representing 14 volunteer organizations. A variety of services, programs and projects are made possible as a result, enhancing the quality of life and the protection of the natural environment of the Bay area. The eight BTCA Partners also contribute to a Scholarship Fund, supporting local students for post-secondary education. More than 40 additional community service groups raise funds via the BTCA's Honorarium Program by helping out at a weekly count. To learn more details, visit the Bay Treasure Chest website and Facebook page.  

Be sure to play your toonie at one of our retailers by noon Wednesday, and please remember to bring your own toonie. Also, please just put one sticker on your toonie (not one on each side). Two stickers make more work for the counters who are all volunteering their time. Thanks, and good luck!


Whether you win or loose your community always wins as the money raised stays here

to be spent on worthwhile projects.



Participating Retailers

where you can register and/or play your toonie


Hammonds Plains

Edible Matters

Peppertoni'S Pizza

Sobeys Express


Head of St. Margaret’s Bay

Billy Joe’s Automotive



Hubbards Home Hardware

Hubbard's Pharmasave


D&Jo's Country Market

Indian Harbour

Whale’s Back Country Store


Peggy’s Cove

Sou’wester Restaurant



Recardo’s Take-Out


Upper Tantallon

Redmond’s Home Hardware

St. Margaret's Centre

Bike & Bean
Delish Fine Foods
Lefty’s Restaurant & Lounge
Otis & Clementines Books and Coffee

Tantallon Atlantic Superstore

Sobeys Extra

For news, more detailed information and information about the lottery rules,

how to register, how to play and past winners.




                           The Bay Treasure Chest Official Website






                                                       Bay Treasure Chest





Watch a short video on You Tube showing how the counting and the

picking of winning number is done