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Cleveland Beach Provincial Park


Located in Queensland, the eleven acre Cleveland Beach Provincial Park has a picnic area, a sandy beach and a fresh water lagoon. An excellent example of a seaside ecosystem, the park has a wide variety of wild flowers including water lilies, sea peas and wild roses. There is an excellent view of Shut-In Island from the park, the largest island in St. Margaret's Bay. The park is closed at dusk. Camping and open fires are not permitted, pets must be leashed, motorized vehicles are allowed in the parking area only, There is also a washroom / change area but it does not have running water. Collecting or removing flora and fauna is not allowed.

    Queensland Beach


The most popular beach is at Queensland Provincial Park. On a hot summer’s day it can be packed but in the other seasons an excellent place for a walk or a run.


It is a supervised beach where you will find change rooms, toilets and a chip wagon during the summer months.


It is located in Queensland on Highway 3. There is a parking lot at the beach and also paid parking is available across the road. Do not park on the side of the road - you may get a ticket!