The Heart of the Bay


Vision Statement


The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association seeks a democratic method of

documenting and honouring common community values in the St. Margaret's Bay

area as well as achieving effective stewardship of that which we all hold dear,

including our waters and woodlands, our unique history and heritage, the rights of

our residents and communities, and the effective management of change

with respect to sustainability, vitality, prosperity and self-reliance of the region.


Mission Statement


Based on the community values of the people who live in the St. Margaret's Bay area, the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association will attempt to identify common values, and to foster public awareness and consensus on land and water use, to advocate for sustainable development, and to help preserve and enhance the Bay's natural environment, its heritage, and its quality of life.



In these pages learn more about our mission, news and current issues around stewardship,

the islands we protect, how to contact us, how to become a member and/or donate.


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