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Peggy's Cove Storm




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The Heart of the Bay

St Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association




To protect and enhance the Bay’s natural environment, heritage and its community.



To be recognized as a valued partner within our communities. Working together, taking active roles in creating and supporting a sustainable, thriving Bay for current and future generations.



Responsibility: We take our stewardship role seriously, and approach our efforts with honesty, integrity and transparency.


Collaborative: We consider involvement with all communities associated with our purpose to be a key success factor in our efforts to educate, inform and to advocate for sustainability in the Bay.


Netukulimk: from the traditional Mi’kmaq concept that celebrates the connection and balance between the natural and human worlds. We take a science-based approach to environmental sustainability to ensure enjoyment of all the Bay has to offer for current and future generations.





The statement following was essentially where the conversation concluded, combining a few statements and sentiments. It is a bit weak in that it repeats the core “protect and enhance” in the purpose statement. Keep in mind the Vision should be what a successful purpose statement looks like in the future. Hence my suggested statement presented above. And the wording of working with future generations seems awkward – how do you engage with people that don’t exist yet?

  • “To be recognized as an engaging and valued partner within our communities, working together with present and future generations to protect and enhance the natural environment, climate, community and the quality of life in the Bay.”



In these pages learn more about our mission, news and current issues around stewardship,

the islands we protect, how to contact us, how to become a member and/or donate.


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