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 Fundraising Goal Has Been Reached !!

Troop Island Will be Protected Forever  
(October 5, 2012)

The tally is in and we’re thrilled to confirm that 28 acres of Troop Island will be purchased Friday and held in trust forever. We have received $818,000 of the $820,000 goal as of Thursday night and know that more pledges and cheques will arrive in the morning and throughout the next couple of days. Any funds over the goal will be added to the endowment for the stewardship of the island.

With little over a month to pull the community campaign and remaining funds together since securing a last-minute option to buy the island, the stakes were high and the goal was ambitious to say the least. Yet the support has been overwhelming, which speaks to the deep desire Nova Scotians have for protecting our coastline and special natural places. Troop Island in particular has touched people not only for its beautiful beaches and shoreline vistas, but also for the rare and varied natural features. The old growth forest, intertidal marsh lands, bird life and freshwater pond represents a variety of ecosystems that are becoming more precious to people of every age. We’ve heard from people young and old, locals and people who’ve never even seen the island, all passionate about protecting special places like Troop Island. Our youngest “Troopers,” Nathaniel and Phoebe McLaren, donated all the money in their pockets to “help Theodore Tugboat save the island!”  Local businesses, community groups and families stepped up, and people reached out to friends and family and to contacts through social media, urging everyone to be a part of this legacy too.  It has been incredible seeing how far and how fast word has spread and support has come pouring in.  We even heard from decedents of the original Troupe family for whom the island was named, and they are thrilled that it will be protected for future generations.   The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust would like to thank everyone for their very generous contributions of time and money which have helped to preserve a unique piece of Nova Scotia’s coastal legacy.  We hope this passion and energy will continue as we work together with the local community to steward this and other protected islands in the bay. We hope too, that the incredible momentum that built around this campaign will continue to build towards protecting other coastal lands and islands in the bay and across the province.   For those still wishing to be a part of the Troop Island campaign, donations continue to be welcome. Additional donations will help to build a stewardship endowment fund for Troop Island, providing critical funds to steward and protect the island, in perpetuity.


 The Troop Island Campaign

St. Margarets Bay Stewardship Association and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust have launched an urgent campaign to purchase and protect Troop Island.

With over 85% of Nova Scotia’s coastline in private hands, and increasing pressures on these treasured islands, headlands and beaches, our coastal legacy is at risk. Yet an exciting opportunity exists to protect an important part of that legacy—St. Margaret’s Bay’s beautiful Troop Island.

As those who have visited the island well know, Troop is a truly incredible and ecologically unique place. Wandering inland from the charming sand beach, you enter a new and unexpected world. Lush mossy ground gives way to a cathedral of towering centuries old American Beech, Sugar Maple and White and Red Spruce trees. The island is one of only a few remaining in the entire province providing refuge for Acadian hardwood forest. Further along the shore, you discover an ecologically rich saltmarsh and pond, rocky intertidal habitats rich in marine life, and coastal forests where you’ll likely hear a lively chorus of songbirds or catch a glimpse of the resident osprey family. Unlike so many of our coastal islands, nature has been left unimpeded on Troop Island, offering a unique outdoor classroom and opportunity to understand and to study coastal dynamics and climate change.  It is a place well-known and treasured by the local community.

Yet all of this is at risk. The island has been subdivided and the owner has initiated the development permit process. The St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust have teamed up to save the island. We have a time sensitive opportunity (October 5, 2012[1]) to acquire this threatened island, and to prevent the proposed development.  The island, its scenic splendor and ecological richness will be protected, forever, as conservation land.

Fundraising Campaign

The future of the island is now up to the community.  We have launched an urgent donor appeal for the remaining $240,000 needed to save the island and to ensure its long-term stewardship.

Funds Required for Troop Island Conservation Campaign: $820,000


 Total Funds

Remaining Funds

September 14, 2012 



September 21, 2012



September 28, 2012



October 04, 2012



October 05, 2012

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We hope you will choose to be a part of the Troop island legacy.

For more information or to make a tax-receipted donation, please contact:
Ella McQuinn, St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association
(902) 823-1228    

[1] Pledges required to close by October 5th with actual donations required by October 26th 

(Video created by Kent Martin)

 The Troop Island Story

The Troop Island campaign is an initiative that arose through the vision and passion of the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association. The Association has a mandate of protecting and celebrating the natural and social values of the Bay.  In keeping with this mandate the Stewardship Association has developed a strategy of protecting and/or encouraging stewardship of all 30 islands of the bay and working with partners to extend that protection to other parts of the province.  Their 5 years of experience stewarding Micou’s Island makes Troop a natural extension to their efforts.

The Stewardship Association needed a land conservation partner, who could help to secure and take ownership of the island, and they found a natural partner in the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. This province-wide land trust has close to 20 years of experience protecting ecologically sensitive land throughout the province.   It has protected over 6000 acres of Nova Scotia’s most treasured natural areas, from coastal wilderness and pristine lakeshores and rivers, to habitat for some of Canada’s most endangered species.

The Stewardship Association and the Nature Trust have been working together to develop a strategy to protect Troop Island. We have created a network of supporters, willing to give generously of their time and through financial support.  We have also created a joint island stewardship agreement and will work together to ensure the island remains protected and well stewarded, in perpetuity.

After three years of diligent work, we have succeeded in securing an opportunity to purchase the island. Both the province and HRM have already pledged support, as has the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC Land Acquisition Fund) and several generous individuals.

We have an irreplaceable and time-sensitive opportunity to save one of the most varied and pristine coastal islands in our province, for the benefit of generations to come. If you’d like know more, or to participate, please contact Ella McQuinn.
(902) 823-1228   

(Video created by Kent Martin)


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